My Take on the Weather

WEATHER is a Kindle book designed to pass on useful ideas and messages as we seek to create a world for all who live here, one that is safe and sound.

WEATHER Abba’s Way $2.99 KU Prime

The following is the first three of eleven sections. There is also an appendix with further. Triadic Philosophy is a universal method of achieving good via mass participation in sharing maxims and ideas related to values that can move history in a positive direction.


Abba’s Way Guidance

By Stephen C. Rose


Persons one by one create change. We only need enough momentum to tip the scales.

Life is a struggle between a past that stops working and a future as yet unknown.

WEATHER seeks to stimulate thought about the largest crisis we face. Conscious thought gives birth to actions and expressions/

You will find appropriate messages in bold after with every entry in this text. They are also provided in edited form as a LIST at the close of the text. If you need a text copy of these messages just write to with WEATHER as your subject.

You are free to share these messages any way you wish.


We lose our weather and then it returns.

We do not see the stars in smoggy towns.

The weather is one of our tests of life.


We do not feel the heat when air is cooled.

We live depending on what isn’t seen.

To think we’re weather-free is hardly the case.


Turn off our power; we live helplessly.

Deprive us of our fuel and we can’t move.

We separate ourselves from weather at our peril.


The weather, when not friend, seems enemy.

We do not know the ends that we devise.

Pollution is now evil turned into weather.


Each year we claim to know the universe.

Each year things are revised, past theories shelved.

Weather reflects the values we live by.


Our institutes and researches proceed,

Our faltering capacities stay frail.

Our weather values indicate our present character.


Abba does not control the weather’s course.

Abba is life within, without, beyond.

Abba is our source of values, freedom and control.


How we respond will tell us who we are.

Our deeds and sayings are the basic truth.

The weather is a test of our capacities.


Our actions can defeat passivity.

Our words can overcome our lassitude.

We need to act together mindfully.


Which offers more protection, homes or caves?

We build for profit not security.

The universe is given as a school.


When Abba is rejected, failure rules.

We call our failures acts of god and grieve.

We are the actors, we alone, Abba our friend and guide.


The catalog of reasons is quite clear:

We have will, heart and thought — and we are here.

More than humanism alone, we need humane spirituality.


We do not use our minds as Noah did.

The story said he saw and so acted.

Passivity is the seat of many evils.


To have Abba at hand is mindfulness.

To rely on Abba is to embrace the good.

Friendship with Abba leads to friendship with the world.


To have Abba always is working through.

To seek Abba each day is to be new.

Abba is the one Jesus prayed to.


To have Abba in touch is not to stray.

To live well is pursuing Abba’s Way.

Jesus highest recorded teachings are Abba’s Way.


Abba directs us truly to life’s end.

The one we call Abba, is our best friend,

Jesus saw all able to be good.


Weather is a sign for us to see

Weather bids us act sensitively

Do not destroy the weather with poisons.


Treat weather well, be one with it, you’ll see.

Treat weather well and see how well you’ll be.

We improve the more we’re sensitive to life.


The weather teaches us how to respect

And make it not our enemy but friend

Those who know the most feel Abba’s touch.


When we see weather as a hostile force

We are solders in an unwinnable war

Weather simply is. We are actors.



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Stephen C. Rose

Stephen C. Rose I am 86 and remain active on Twitter and Medium. I have lots of writings on Kindle modestly priced and KU enabled. We live on!