Stephen C. Rose

I don’t attend to what I cannot comprehend

I don’t know why —there’s too much going on

I wouldn’t mind — In fact, I do not mind

I didn’t mind in school — so why stop now


New things — I figure I will learn in time

If they don’t interest me, I pass them by

To comprehend involves a deeper look

An answer’s always somewhere down the line


Flash intuition — then whole sentences

That’s guidance working overtime

If I don’t understand, you bet, I’ll darn sure try

There’s always gold in what comes from a Guide


Two minds seem always working in tandem

One that sees all I can see swish by

And one that says what may be worth a try

I guess I’m saying. best be of two minds



Stephen C. Rose

Stephen C. Rose I am 86 and remain active on Twitter and Medium. I have lots of writings on Kindle modestly priced and KU enabled. We live on!