Stephen C. Rose

How strange it is we can take time

When time does not exist

Oh sure, it does, we’re Earthlings after all

And here we act as if time’s real

But our best times are when time is forgot

Bliss and joy then surround us

In a stadium or deep in love

Meditating, dreaming as we do


Clockfree’s a condition that all Spirits know

And it’s wondrous when we also sense it

Some wake us up from it

And we shake our heads

And come back to the so-called the real world

But we are Spirits ‘neath the skin

And there’s no time where we are bound

Just remember our best times

Are where no time is found



What matters is daily victories

A gift of love means more than anything

A gift of legislation that will make more lives succeed

What matters is what helps, enables, gives a hand


What matters is maintaining positives

And making every day a cause for thanks

Then looking out to lift communities

And then extending our support to all


The I and Us and All is who we are

We are all fragments of a Loving Source

Each person is a precious, beloved Soul

And we all grow till we embrace the Whole


What matters most is what appeals to you

You are the judge of everything you do

Become the Captain of your loving ship

And spread the gifts you know how best to give



If people cannot treat you well

Do not reply

Instead move on

You have the power to block out meanness

Have the courage to stand up

You will find a greater freedom

Than if you doormat yourself

Eliminate the negatives

Wrap yourself in positives

Live your life as you intend

Accept this urge

Be your best Friend



Thank You for the preciousness of Souls

Which says to us, no matter what, we go

To Earthly betterment or Heaven’s Home

As freedom composes life’s endless poem


Shed grace upon my dearest memory

Of you expressing your unbounded Love

Raise its cadence to the highest place

And let it bathe the Cosmos in its Grace


Your expression is a brighter light

Thank You for its piercing of the night

Among all wondrous miracles above

There is the one that starts out with “I Love”


“I love God” upon a wooden cross

Theology sprung from a growing child

Thank You for this, this Love that will not fade

This Love. It is the world’s best accolade



Strange we should ask this one question

When we have just passed a big bill

But what can we do is a subject

That cuts to the center of will


It always comes down to the same thing

To leave our hearts open or closed

To physically breathe deep and open

Or to end up indisposed


When your heart is open the answer

Is given. Just watch it appear

Rise up and do what it tells you

Relax and watch it come clear


I have just done what I advise

A letter to my children three

Sharing the LIGHT that they give me

Each time they appear to me


The more love that wells up inside us

The more all the earth resonates

We all can create the vibrations

For which the Creator waits



Positive thoughts waft all the way to the One

Bkessings are most positive of thoughts

They can be expressed at any time

A wondrous magic exercize






Blessings on our way

That’s the basic verse lyric that you sing

Come up with your melody


You can make the same words chorus

Try verse verse chorus


At some point say

Bless us

Bless All

Bless Me

This is the proper grammar of selfhood

Bless me affirms self love

Bless us affirms community

Bless all links you to all

Finally we are





When I log on white screen is seen

I sing the Blessings Song

I’m thankful for this moment of pure light

It signifies the One, the All is near


I hope this enough to help you start

Such affirmations mobilize the heart



Stephen C. Rose

Stephen C. Rose I am 86 and remain active on Twitter and Medium. I have lots of writings on Kindle modestly priced and KU enabled. We live on!