Putting Spirituality First

Is better than anything else

War would not be

Greed would not be

We should all be



Spirituality consists of

Knowing we are all souls

Honoring all

Caring for all

Being above all



Spirituality’s not religion

Religion borders on cult

We worship none

We support none

Living from within is



Spirituality places Love first

And sees each day as progress

Progress in giving

Progress in living

And in becoming



The first priority before all else

Is living Spiritually

Rejecting violence

Standing for fairness

Living for being




This is a useful review of the understanding of things if you accept the story of Thiaoouba as a credible representation of reality. The web site Thiaoouba.com is a rich source of information. The general logic for giving attention to this perception of reality is that a tripartite understanding of the universe is sensible. We do well to see Earth as a planet among countless other planets which include planets which can support human life. We do well to see planets as the locus of reincarnation and evolution as rising toward full spirituality. And it is essential that this understanding include a Spirit realm which is the final leg of our evolution. We are all in a tripartite process of movement toward full reunification with the Divine Source of all Reality.



This is what I already know. The Thiaoouba material here is an attempt to articulate this reality. In general, all I believe is here. I share it below as a free instruction from one who was clearly meant to be among the many who know whereof he speaks. A better title would be UFO’s were Always Here.



Stephen C. Rose

Stephen C. Rose


steverose@gmail.com I am 86 and remain active on Twitter and Medium. I have lots of writings on Kindle modestly priced and KU enabled. We live on!