Awakenings are all aimed at one thing

To make us see the gist of everything

And thus embrace things as they really are

Compared to goodness, nothing goes this far


Awakenings could happen every day

Just follow feelings as they come your way

See in their substance something you should heed

No matter what, give them the love they need


Reality is finally the good

Awakening means this is understood

Nothing you think is ill or bad or wrong

All things you heed become a loving song


All negatives are subsumed finally

As they incline toward Heaven’s alchemy

In meditation we find we move one to all

“One” is our self, “we” our community, “all” everyone

If we stick just with one we’re bound to fall

We’re universal when this life is done


This grammar of the self is essential

For we are Souls within the universe

And we live on, life is continual

So let all three of us in one come first


“I”, “us” and “all” is a saving triad

Without it we lose our directions

Our lives will become monad and dyad

This faulty grammar cuts us into sections


The entire truth is what we’ll one day see

Then all will know our three identities

UFOs are close to obvious

They are proved to at least some of us

Other heads stay buried in in the sand

Now is a good time to understand


Accept that UFOs have been around

Let their strong technology resound

Admit we need the change they bring

Try to understand the song they sing


We could end our truly backward state

Knowing things they easily create

Till our governments begin to rise

We will have to just believe our eyes


Our world operates on a half truth

Let us hope improvement’s in its youth

Power is another way of saying Source. All Source is given to me in heaven and on earth. Source freely and unendingly gives of Itself. Source will not assert Itself, but can and will eternally wait for my asking to let It flow with total ease and freedom through my life and living. There is no Power outside myself, although I can convince myself to think that there is. I am the Power, now and forever now. Source is this which I am in heaven, and on earth; Source is who I am. — August Goforth

Anyone can speak these wondrous lines

Any Soul can drink of holy wines

It is how we share ourselves with God

It is our Soul’s universal nod


The gift that’s given all is here set forth

A testimony to our common worth

The power given to us when we…

Respect is what we should accord to all

We’ve no idea what makes another fall

We judge without awareness and are wrong

For every Soul on earth contains a song


That song is light to everyone who hears

But most to most turn only deafened ears

The gifts of God lie ignored on the earth

Most Souls fail to see most Souls’ true worth


A world of judgment is the sad result

Sharp tongues become purveyors of insult

Hurt feelings rankle and harsh judgments flow

And soon those judgments become all we know


Respect is better than this flood of pain

The world would be worth living in again

— August Goforth

Our sense of being part of God will vary

But not enough to to render us unfit

To grow and flourish happily aware

That God invites us all to co-create


When we are fit, love is the only answer

The only way to become is to love

Such giving is the work of a whole life

The world has far to go to meet this mark


Co-creation broadens the horizon

It opens it to every soul on earth

The broader that our sense of love becomes

The closer to God’s holiness it comes

When we break free of time it’s always now

In Heaven now’s the only time there is

There is no sun that rises and then sets

The way to break free is not hard. Here’s how.


First close your eyes as if to meditate

Let all your thoughts retire until they’re mute

Then be aware that where you are is now

And settle back. Let consciousness create.


Let now unfold what you experience

It’s what the universe wants you to know

Lean in to what your consciousness reveals

Until now’s witness is your normal sense


The mind travels if you let it run free

It is your gateway to your consciousness

This links to every consciousness there is

It’s the only thing that unifies us


It enables us to compose questions

It lets us travel anywhere we like

It is not captive to our single brain

Our brain transmits its wisdom with no strain


Within us is our terminal to all

It is our access to the universe

Our link to everything and everywhere

Find consciousness and find out who you are


A deep breath silence and then consciousness

The source of the creative within you

We are all artists, dramatists and Souls

The world within us takes us to the whole

Godel’s right and none of us are wrong

That’s because we’re now the starting points

What we think and learn substantiate

The fundamental role of consciousness


Consciousness is coming to the fore

That can only mean a plus for us

Chalk up one for the imagination

Bid farewell to all that does not serve


We may not seem to know a thing or two

But we are learning faster than we know

Inside each of us infinity

Outside us space and time our local mode


Reality remains both known and not

We are less sure of its component parts

The brain’s capacity is in decline

The mind is tangible but ill defined


Godel remains the one who saw it all

And paved the way to science without airs

Humility is due for a reprise

Hold on and watch the winds of change increase

Stephen C. Rose I am 85 and remain active on Twitter and Medium. I have lots of writings on Kindle modestly priced and KU enabled. We live on!

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