Stephen C. Rose

The Great Divide is our great destiny

When we die we start to move past Earth

Into the realms where Spirits live

And we can see there is an Upward Trail


The lower realms are for those who look back

Where reincarnation is well-known

And vestiges of Earthly life live on

We may start to wonder what’s beyond


Those whose thoughts are trained on higher realms

May cross what I have called the Great Divide

To what we might see as the Godly Side

Where pure Spirit nurtures our growing Selves


These Selves, now closer to One Who’s All

Will attain wisdom far past what we hold

The Great Divide is crossed and Earth is gone

And we if we are led there will move on



High dimensions less dense than we know

They are where awakened Souls can go

All can also go there if we try

Say the word with heart and there you’ll fly


Try it laying down upon your bed

Vision it appearing in your head

Say Seventh Frequency. It’s my heart’s aim

A welcome voice will greet you soon by name


Higher realms are where we manifest

State objectives. Put them to the test

You will travel at the speed of mind

Leaving what you do not need behind


Thank you. Thank you. Seventh Frequency

Magnifying my reality

Things I never knew that I could do

Love no boundary is always coming through



Stephen C. Rose

Stephen C. Rose I am 86 and remain active on Twitter and Medium. I have lots of writings on Kindle modestly priced and KU enabled. We live on!