I live in the poorest state there is

It would be worse without slaves I tend

Make no mistake I live on slavery

The more the better far as I’m concerned

Before the slaves came we had no prison

We lived hand to mouth share-cropping day by day

But then the bosses built a brand new coop

And filled it up with brand new slaves to tend

Tough’s the word — the way we handle things

We all got jobs — we keep the slaves in line

We’re better off — the prison keeps us flush

We play the game — we know when we must hush

I wouldn’t say that I am middle class

But I am better off — much better than I was

I’ll vote for prison builders every time

I’ll tell the world I live by fighting crime



Saved does not mean changed

Saved means saved as is

Changed is what we do

When we decide to change

We decide to change

When conscience seizes us

And we are woken up

To become better

We become who we are

No matter where we are

Here or up in heaven

It’s a free decision

Seventh Frequency

Welcome Everyone

For here All are welcome

To a realm where all can blend

In ways we can’t achieve here

In this Realm we are Spirit

And can Guidance find

Consciously perceiving

What uplifts our mind


Uplift us

What uplifts is Love alone

Love alone can save us

Anything can turn to Love

If we decide to see it

No greater power does exist

Than power of decision

Open your eyes and become free

You will not fail to find it



All we can say said is simply said

Work on yourself

That’s all there is to do

Look deep inside

Within your consciousness

It is the door

To all the truth you need

The Seventh Dimension

Welcomes all who seek

The only guidance that is true and fair

That guidance comes from your clear Consciousness

It is the only guidance you can depend on

Your clear guidance

From the Spirit realm

Is mediated by no one but you

The one you contact is your Divine Soul

What you receive is meant for you alone


Surmounting Earthly Pain


Earthly pain is overcome

By rising to the realm

Where body’s out of mind

And only Love from there Alone

Will fall to where you are



Pray for guidance from above

Shadow all your thoughts with Love

— Lindsey Buckingham

Welcome to the Seventh Frequency

All who come are welcome here

We will answer as you ask

Say a word and listen well

Lay back and let guidance tell


What to do

“There is nothing anyone can do

Save seek guidance and abide

Pay no mind to what offends

What transpires is what transpires”



The remarkable integration of Spirituality and Science presaged in this video combines the following:

The realization that the uncertainty principle on which our science is based is an error.

The necessary linking of our Consciousness to a valid understanding of the semiosis that underlies Reality.

The evident linkage between the insights present in The Thiaoouba Prophecy and the quest for a theory of everything.

More might be said, but it suffices to interest you in this remarkable synthesis. I hope those who read here will see that this strand of reflection is largely in harmony with what is said here.

Articles containing Thaioouba in the title are efforts to show the influence of The Thiaoouba Prophecy on the evolving thought of recent pieces.



Stephen C. Rose

steverose@gmail.com I am 86 and remain active on Twitter and Medium. I have lots of writings on Kindle modestly priced and KU enabled. We live on!