Omniscience and Consciousness are linked

Thus Consciousness will dope out what’s untrue

Omniscience is lodged in Divine Source

It edits all the content we send through


Omniscience is not hidden from ourselves

Our sense of truth is what omniscience sees

If we are thinking from a higher plane

We can fathom what is true with ease


When love and justice meld the truth is close

When love and care are found the light is seen

When love and respect blend the way is cleared

Whenever good is done love’s on the scene


Omniscience can see when love is real

And Consciousness finds truth in what we feel

Heaven Earth balance is now true balance

It was not always so but it is now

As we draw close we perceive a new chance

The Soul in us grows larger, here is how


Soul is now in balance with our body

Connected to all elements within

More of us can attain new heights of bliss

Thus we evolvc as a great Shift begins


Oh, we remain the masters of our way

But look! our way is changing as we speak

Earth and divinity miraculous

When balanced we can receive all we seek


We thus achieve the heavening of earth

For we accept existence with no dearth

It’s time to grieve when one you love is gone

That grieving is for you, be well aware

One who’s moved on’s in a better place

The grieving best serves those who are still there


But. grief that’s too extended is too much

A new world waits for everyone who dies

They try to let you know that they’re OK

But grief intrudes thus moving on is wise


Now there is grief and there is long term love

There is enduring cause to celebrate

Such love can be expressed with a light heart

Much better happy hearts than endless fate


We love the best the ones we let go of

Our mourning’s good when it can say “enough”

You always know when you are out of sorts

You try to shake it off and it won’t shake

I know the feeling but I’ve found a way

Four words that seem to help me re-awake


Bliss, Joy, Freedom, Love —I say them within

They remind me I am loved and precious

Whenever there’s a hint of negative

Together they prove unambiguous


Bliss will recall a golden happening

Joy is the dance that conveys happiness

Freedom is feeling all burdens removed

Love is giving that leads to Holiness


These words can cure a dark mood instantly

Try them together and you may agree

We only know what we experience

Experience made up of what we feel

We cannot merely think our way forward

Our heart’s also involved. That is the deal


Feelings make up the bulk of Consciousness

As Peirce said, It’s all feeling, nothing but

Wherefore all speech is called telepathy

And Semiosis is feelings uncut


Our knowing really is our sense of truth

Freely determined by all things we feel

We’re free to feel all life as we desire

And all that we experience as real


And finally we’re free to change at will

And in the end we’re all beloved still

Home the timeless, spaceless realm of heaven

Earth temporary stage of space and time

Us co-creators of the universe

Experience our useful pantomime


Some see our sojourn as torturous trial

But we are said to have chosen our course

And to be free to change it if we wish

One thing Heaven cannot not do is force


Freedom extends to how we choose our lives

Heaven remains our home where-ere we are

There is no state of being we can’t go

Only how we have loved tells us how far


Admittedly there’s much that we can’t know

But you’ll admit that life is quite a show

Musing the good is the future we need

Musing the evil is passing away

We’re in the midst of a humongous change

Little that stood up will stand up today


While the naysayers may cavil and cry

We simply contemplate what makes good sense

We have a treasure called imagining

And when we use it we’re on the offense


Musing is freely letting our minds go

Pondering miracles instead of doom

Born of simplicity aiming at love

Start co-creating, there’s plenty of room


There is no substitute for going inside

And moving hand in hand with Heaven’s tide

The rise and fall of all our human works

Seems written in the stones of history

Whether by weather, plague, or violence

Or things as simple as earth’s chemistry


Colonization is a common cause

A conquest often seems to be involved

The names of those who led are mostly lost

How to avoid a fall remains unsolved


But we evolve and now we have no choice

We either care for all or all will fall

We either move beyond all violence

Or violence will spell the end of all


Finally there’s no alternative

We must opt for peacefulness to live

Stephen C. Rose

Stephen C. Rose

13.4K Followers I am 85 and remain active on Twitter and Medium. I have lots of writings on Kindle modestly priced and KU enabled. We live on!